Aug. 10th, 2009 10:23 pm
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This post is just to let you guys know that I've transferred from this DW to [personal profile] fascinates. See, I love the word so much and when I realized that 'fascinates' was actually free (I thought it was taken OTL), I just HAD to register it and USE it. So...there?

I'm sorry if this means more work for you (unsubscribing this, subscribing another). I really, really just wanted the name ^^;. I've probably added you all to the new DW, so please add it back \o/.

As for this journal, maybe I'll be using it as my fic journal. Feel free to defriend this :). Thank you so much again! I'm trying my best to be active here 8D.

Also, to those interested in seiyuu, I own [community profile] bldramas here. Go crazy (even though I'm still fixing stuff).

...and that's it!
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Hi DW!

Apparently, this might turn into another fandom journal O_O. Don't ask me how that will happen, LOL.

...More on that later, I have work <3.
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I was born into a family of bibliophiles. My parents exposed me and my sister to books of different kinds, from picture books to encyclopedias to fiction paperbacks. I had more books than toys. On my 6th or 7th birthday, I was given a Mother Goose hard bound collection. On my 8th birthday, I was given an animal encyclopedia and a storybook about Norse, Egyptian and lesser known mythologies. For my 11th and my sister's 8th birthdays, we were given a set of 24 volumes of Collier's Encyclopedia, an atlas and an almanac. For some of the Christmases, we were given coloring and spelling books and works of Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and some classics.

If you would visit our house, you'd see tons of books in cabinets, in boxes, on my bed, on the floor, in crates. My sister jokes a lot about how we can earn money by setting up some sort of book sale. Most of these books were fiction, and their genres reflect their owners: romance and historical stuff are my mom's; mystery/thrillers, sci-fi/fantasy and award winners are mine; Japanese contemporary, YA fantasy and manga are my sister's. Sometimes, we try out other genre, but my mom can never push me to read Barbara Cartland as much as I can't push my sister to read Nancy Drew. At times, we'd sit in the living room to discuss books (lately, it was Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl) or just read the whole afternoon.

I guess that is enough introduction about my obsession. I love books and I love getting people to like books, so I try to be as accommodating to people who like to read as much as possible. I like talking to people about reading and about books, but I don't like it conflicts involving books. Hence, when books become an issue with a person, I tend to bear grudges against said person.

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reposted from eelinej @ LJ.

I normally skip romance novels and go straight to the thriller/mystery/fantasy ones when I visit bookstores. This one, however, caught my eye for some reason. It could be because of the red and light gold spine and cover or the intriguing title. Anyway, I picked it off the shelf and was intrigued. The setting of the story was in Italy around the time of World War II, specifically when German troops are attacking the Italian villages. Yes, I know I'm an addict. The first thing I thought of was Italy's Hetalia, how uncool is that?

This book is Castellani's debut novel. It is the story of two people, Vito and Maddalena. Vito Leone is about to turn eighteen and is nearly the last young man in the village (the rest were taken by soldiers to the battlefield). Before he leaves, he asks the young ladies for kisses, and he is most determined to receive a kiss from Maddalena Piccinelli, a beautiful girl from a rich family. Her family does not like him, her older sisters (who should be married first) snub him and thinks he's a penniless fool. Her parents cannot accept him to be Maddalena's suitor. However, Vito is decided to make the young woman fall for him and slowly, with his little actions of helping his mother and the ladies of the town, Maddalena sees the young man in a different and softer light.

However, their paths is obstructed by an American also desiring Maddalena's hand. The war around them surges on, too, destroying their homes and forcing people to leave the town. Amidst the threat of being torn apart by war, Vito must prove his worth to the woman he loves and Maddalena must choose what her heart really desires.

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Somehow, it has been decided that this journal will contain my non-fangirly stuff. I'm supposed to use a Wordpress blog for all my non-fandom crap, but since I have an account here, why not use the journal? I don't like leaving my journals empty, I guess?

As a celebratory and proper first post, I leave a book entry. :)

I've been looking for Jennifer Lee Carrell's Interred with Their Bones ever since I read a review of it in goodreads. Unfortunately, it wasn't available in the Philippines back then (January 2008). When I realized that it was finally released here, it was 2009 and the book has a different title, The Shakespeare Secret. The book was renamed for British release and we got that title. (I think Interred With Their Bones is a good title, I wonder why they changed it.)

Anyway, The Shakespeare Secret revolves around Kate Stanley, a Shakespeare scholar who turned to theater directing. During one of her rehearsals for her play, Hamlet, she is visited by her old mentor, Rosalind Howard, who gave her a gift and a plea for help. Kate hesitated, and before they could talk about the gift and the message, Roz is murdered in the Globe Theater and the theater itself was burned. Kate is left with a clue to something she didn't even know and a road that leads to danger.

As she tries to unlock more clues in her trail filled with Shakespearean riddles, Kate travels from UK to USA to find out about Shakespeare, his life, the identity of the writers of his plays and his lost plays. She meets people, both allies and enemies, plays games with death and danger, and slowly unlocks the mysteries surrounding Roz's death and well, Shakespeare.

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May. 19th, 2009 05:02 pm
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thank you, [personal profile] southerncross, for the invite code :)♥.

I don't know what to do with this journal, though. Shall I post my writing here? Rant? O.o I might not be using this for srsbzns since I have LJ and IJ, but who knows? I like my username here XDDD;.

...Now I want to tweak the layout. orz


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