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I was born into a family of bibliophiles. My parents exposed me and my sister to books of different kinds, from picture books to encyclopedias to fiction paperbacks. I had more books than toys. On my 6th or 7th birthday, I was given a Mother Goose hard bound collection. On my 8th birthday, I was given an animal encyclopedia and a storybook about Norse, Egyptian and lesser known mythologies. For my 11th and my sister's 8th birthdays, we were given a set of 24 volumes of Collier's Encyclopedia, an atlas and an almanac. For some of the Christmases, we were given coloring and spelling books and works of Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and some classics.

If you would visit our house, you'd see tons of books in cabinets, in boxes, on my bed, on the floor, in crates. My sister jokes a lot about how we can earn money by setting up some sort of book sale. Most of these books were fiction, and their genres reflect their owners: romance and historical stuff are my mom's; mystery/thrillers, sci-fi/fantasy and award winners are mine; Japanese contemporary, YA fantasy and manga are my sister's. Sometimes, we try out other genre, but my mom can never push me to read Barbara Cartland as much as I can't push my sister to read Nancy Drew. At times, we'd sit in the living room to discuss books (lately, it was Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl) or just read the whole afternoon.

I guess that is enough introduction about my obsession. I love books and I love getting people to like books, so I try to be as accommodating to people who like to read as much as possible. I like talking to people about reading and about books, but I don't like it conflicts involving books. Hence, when books become an issue with a person, I tend to bear grudges against said person.

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