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Somehow, it has been decided that this journal will contain my non-fangirly stuff. I'm supposed to use a Wordpress blog for all my non-fandom crap, but since I have an account here, why not use the journal? I don't like leaving my journals empty, I guess?

As a celebratory and proper first post, I leave a book entry. :)

I've been looking for Jennifer Lee Carrell's Interred with Their Bones ever since I read a review of it in goodreads. Unfortunately, it wasn't available in the Philippines back then (January 2008). When I realized that it was finally released here, it was 2009 and the book has a different title, The Shakespeare Secret. The book was renamed for British release and we got that title. (I think Interred With Their Bones is a good title, I wonder why they changed it.)

Anyway, The Shakespeare Secret revolves around Kate Stanley, a Shakespeare scholar who turned to theater directing. During one of her rehearsals for her play, Hamlet, she is visited by her old mentor, Rosalind Howard, who gave her a gift and a plea for help. Kate hesitated, and before they could talk about the gift and the message, Roz is murdered in the Globe Theater and the theater itself was burned. Kate is left with a clue to something she didn't even know and a road that leads to danger.

As she tries to unlock more clues in her trail filled with Shakespearean riddles, Kate travels from UK to USA to find out about Shakespeare, his life, the identity of the writers of his plays and his lost plays. She meets people, both allies and enemies, plays games with death and danger, and slowly unlocks the mysteries surrounding Roz's death and well, Shakespeare.

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